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Keeping Your Family Safe With Home Security System

alarm systemKeeping your children safe is your number one job as a parent. However, you are not always going to be able to be around them throughout the day, as you need to work and their school schedule is not going to correspond with your own schedule. Due to this, you need to find a way that can keep your children safe when you are at work, running an errand or just not at the house. One of the best ways to do this is with the help of a home alarm system. There are different features on these alarm systems that not only keeps your children safe, but also provides you with piece of mind knowing they are alright as well.


It does not matter if your children take the bus home or if they walk home from school, you probably want to know when they arrive and that they are alright. The best way to have this is through an automated system that informs you whether or not the home access code has been entered. When everyone leaves for the day, the code is activated for the house. Without properly entering this code, an alarm sounds and notifies the police upon entering the home again. When your child returns home, they need to type in this code to unlock the door and to go inside. With the notification system, you can receive a message on your smart phone telling you that the code has been entered into the alarm system. This is a great way for you to be at work and know your child is alright. Of course, if you do not receive the notification, you are able to call them on their cell phones in order to find out if there are somewhere else, such as a friend’s house or if they needed to stay after school.

Secure All Access Points

It is important to secure all access points and for an alarm to be active, no matter if it is a door or a window. If you are out for a business meeting or other gathering, you want to know your children are safe inside. With the best rated home security systems, it is able to monitor all access points, ranging from the doors to all the windows and it can sound if anything is opened from the outside and without deactivating the alarm system. It can also contact the police when the alarm sounds, so the first responders can come to the aid of your children quickly, no matter what the situation is.

Fire Alarm

Fires happen, so having appropriate alarm systems in place can help drastically with this as well. These kinds of alarms not only detect smoke but also carbon monoxide. This way, your children and the rest of your family can be alerted if there is some sort of fire or gas leak in the house. All of this should help you sleep easier knowing that everyone is as safe as you can possibly be.

What Are The Best Credit Monitoring Companies?

Visa Credit CardWith increases in computer technology online identity theft has increased significantly. Credit reporting agencies have develop additional services to protect clients and their sensitive credit information. Many companies now engage in active credit monitoring and some even have the ability to shut down your bank account if there is an indication that there has been a breach into one’s personal or corporate banking.

The services that are now available from these credit monitoring companies are comprehensive as the crime of identity theft has become more elaborate and extending to false mortgage applications being filed and equity loans being submitted without the client being made aware.

Listed below are some of the top credit monitoring agencies and some of the services which the companies provide.

1. Identity Guard

This company provides a free thirty day trial and some the company’s services include monthly credit report monitoring, three bureau credit report monitoring, One Million Dollars in theft protection insurance and identification verification.

2. LifeLock

Lifelock provides a free trial service for thirty days and provides its customers with a total service guarantee. The company’s system protects a customer’s personal data using a five point identification protection system. The service also provides customers with a bank takeover alert and an identity guard.

Credit Monitoring3. Fast 3 Credit Scores

This company provides a free trial service for fourteen days. Customers are provided with a credit information hotline and a customer identification fraud support service. Customers are also able to establish daily alerts against unusual activities.

4. TransUnion

Customers will have the benefit of a seven day free trial service for one dollar. The company provides customers with personalized debt analysis and the company’s trademark “True Identity™ Protection.” Customers also receive unlimited credit reports.

5. FreeScoreAndMore

Customers have access to the service for free for fourteen days. The company provides customers with a “Score Simulator Tool.” To protect against identification theft he company provides regular identity monitoring as well as providing clients with automatic credit alerts.

6. MyFreeScoreNow

A free trial service is provided to customers for seven days. Subscribed customers receive a personalized credit report as well as twenty four hour credit monitoring. Clients also receive a monthly score tracker to constantly update the clients with any modifications of their credit scores. The clients are notified with customized email alerts reflecting any significant changes to the clients credit or identification status.

7. TrueCredit

TrueCredit charges a $17.95 per month subscription fee for customers. The company monitors customer’s credit reports instantly for unusual activity. The company also provides identification theft insurance and customers are able to customize their alerts against potential credit fraud.

8. FreeScore360

This company provides a free seven day subscription. The subscriber receives a free credit report each month. Identification theft insurance is provided and customers have access to a twenty-four hour dispute center if the customer suspects fraudulent activity.

9. MyScore

MyScore provides a free trial subscription for seven days as well a three bureau credit report monitoring, twenty four hours, seven days a week credit report monitoring, credit fraud consultation and real time alert protection when suspicious activity is suspected.